I have served regularly at conferences as a session chair and by providing comments on papers at regional and national conferences. One of my ongoing projects is offering pedagogy workshops for my peers. I have also volunteered consistently for committee work and events at my home institution. 

Sharing a philosopher's perspective after Graceland University's performance of  The Zoo Story  by Edward Albee

Sharing a philosopher's perspective after Graceland University's performance of The Zoo Story by Edward Albee

Recent Institutional Service:

  • Co-facilitator, Mindful Meditation series

  • Strategic Planning Committee

  • r3: Renew, Relax, Restore Facilitator

  • Academic Revitalization Presentation Team Leader

  • Talkback: Zoo Story

Recent Professional Service:

  • Invited Speaker: History and Philosophy Convocation at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2019

  • Commentary on “Measuring Ontological Simplicity” by Noël Blas Saenz at the Illinois Philosophical Association 2019

  • Session Chair at the Illinois Philosophical Association 2019

  • Session Chair at the Logos Conference 2019

  • Referee for Synthese, Ergo, the Philosophical Quarterly

Past Service:

In a pedagogy workshop, we discuss some active learning strategies that are designed to help students engage with and manipulate the material on their own to enhance their understanding.


I served as President in the 2015-2016 academic year and as Pedagogy Chair from 2014-2016 for the Graduate Philosophy Organization (GPO), which works to develop both the academic and professional philosophical skills of students at the University of Illinois. While serving, I designed and offered pedagogy workshops aimed at helping graduate students improve their teaching. Workshops included: Small Group Activities in the Philosophy Classroom, Using Student Feedback, Rubrics for Fair and Efficient Grading, Compass as a Teaching Tool (Blackboard platform), and Designing an Independent Course. In previous years, I served as Secretary, Graduate Representative, and Graduate Relations Chair. 


Illinois Lyceum

The Illinois Lyceum is a week-long introductory philosophy experience for high school students in Illinois. Students learn how to assess arguments, solve logical puzzles, and explore historical and contemporary issues in Philosophy. In my sessions (Summer 2015, Summer 2016), students confronted both an argument for the existence of God and an argument against the existence of God. Students learned how to raise objections to these arguments and better ground their beliefs in solid reasoning. In my "Introduction to Arguments" sessions, students learn how to assess arguments, check for validity and soundness, and identify common logical fallacies. Students also debated whether or not we have control over our actions in my "Do you have Free Will?" session.

The Graduate Academy

Each year, the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) offers the Graduate Academy for College Teaching, which is a TA orientation attended by graduate students from most departments on the University of Illinois campus. At CITL's invitation, I have volunteered in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 at the Grad Academy. Together with another graduate student, I've offered two-hour sessions on lesson planning and active learning strategies. In 2016, I designed and offered a session entitled "Fostering an Active Learning Environment" that teaches instructors to incorporate engaging student activities in their classrooms. I offered the same session again in 2017. My work for the Grad Academy allows me to participate in the pedagogical development of the incoming Philosophy grads and also grads from other departments, broadening my understanding of how particular pedagogical strategies are utilized in non-philosophical contexts.

Experiences of Liberal Arts Students in Graduate School - A Look Behind the Scenes

In Fall 2016 I was invited to participate as a panelist for workshop aimed at undergraduate students interested in graduate school. The workshop, a collaboration between the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Graduate College Career Development Center at the University of Illinois, was designed for undergraduates to hear stories, tips, and suggestions about applying to and thriving in graduate school.