Student Testimonials 

Below are comments provided by students at Graceland University. Each quote was provided by a different student.

Environmental Ethics

“Dr. Seemuth Whaley has directly influenced my life outside of class by showing me the importance of being able to evaluate your viewpoints and actions to determine whether they contradict each other or even make logical sense in the first place. This exploration of my personal values continued outside of class as well, as I continued to evaluate lifestyle choices that I make in an effort to make them more in line with my values and commitments.” 

"I learned so much about the relationship between humans and the environment and our responsibilities concerning the environment. I frequently found the terminology and topics of class discussion on the back of my mind and at the tip of my tongue. I am an accounting and business administration major who, frankly, was way more interested in this class than any of my other courses."

World Philosophy

“I was particularly moved by the unit on Ethics. Reading the various arguments for what makes a good person, what goals one should have in order to manifest a “good” life, and the importance of intention in one’s demeanor has pushed me to critically think about how I’ve applied the various schools of thought to my life, and trying to understand to what degrees they have been effective. This and the other units impressed upon me just how relevant philosophy can be to one’s actions and thinking, if one takes the time to consider it.”

First Year Seminar: Critical Thinking

"Kristin is a great, fun, and dedicated instructor. She made time to meet with me to make sure I understood all the assignments. You can tell she really cares about our success at GU."

"Dr. Seemuth Whaley is very professional, and I enjoy her teaching style. She gives students a chance to voice what they think and further explain connections related to the subject."


Finding Peace in Identity

"Not only did Dr. Seemuth Whaley heighten my interest in philosophy immensely, she also helped me to become a more well-rounded student. Because of the variety of assignments, projects, and exams, I was challenged in her course more than I had been in many of the other courses that I have completed at Graceland University. She had very high expectations for all of her students, and she was willing to help us fulfill those expectations in any way that she could. I speak from experience when I say that. I visited her office countless times throughout the semester to get feedback on projects and papers, and every time Dr. Seemuth Whaley made me feel like I was walking away a better student than when I had arrived."

Social Dimensions of Equality

“Dr. Seemuth Whaley did an excellent job instructing Social Dimensions of Equality. She is a professor who cares about teaching and is eager to help any student develop an understanding and appreciation for philosophy. She manages class well and fits an abundance of meaningful information into a single semester while making it not overwhelming.”

The Distinguished Graduate Student Teaching Award (at UIUC)

 I received the Distinguished Graduate Student Teaching Award for the 2015-2016 academic year at the University of Illinois. The award "is bestowed on the department's best graduate student instructor. The recipient is determined based upon standard student evaluations, faculty observations, and any other evidence that a graduate student has exceeded normal expectations in terms of effort and innovation. The Prizes and Scholarships committee announces the award to the department in an open letter which describes some of what makes the graduate student exceptional.''  I received this award based on my pursuit of teaching certifications, my development of pedagogy workshops for graduate students in the Philosophy department, teaching at the university-wide TA orientation, faculty teaching observations, student testimonials, and course evaluation scores.